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Under the leadership of CEO Santiago Masdeu, CAD/CAM Center Miami has become a leader in the field of digital dentistry since 2009. With a background in engineering and a passion for dental technology, Santiago has led the company to new heights, expanding its capabilities and offerings while always maintaining a commitment to quality and excellence.

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As one of the most advanced training centers in the USA, CAD/CAM Dental Center Miami offers unparalleled insight into CAD/CAM systems, giving you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of their in-depth characteristics and use.
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Make way for the future and sign up for one of our workshops or shop our supplies and accessories. The best way to learn and shop in one place is by visiting us at the CAD/CAM Dental Center! CAD/CAM Dental Center in Miami is dedicated to providing innovative, precise, and customized dental solutions to Dental Practices. Contact us today to get started and experience the difference that CAD/CAM Dental Center can make in your practice.
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